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Product Design

In late 2006, Orbit Baby's first product, the Orbit Infant System, was brought to market by a small team in a start-up environment in the SF Bay Area.  As a product design intern in 2004 and a full-time designer beginning in 2005, I had the opportunity to shape the features of the Orbit Infant System, as well as other products in the first generation product line that included  the Bassinet Cradle, Toddler Stroller Seat, and Toddler Car Seat. 

In particular, with a focus on soft goods and graphic design, I helped developed two patented innovations around soft goods, including the Cargo Pod™ storage basket and the Paparazzi Shield™ sunshade extension.

My overall responsibilities included:

Product Design and Development

Product Graphics and Collateral Design

User Observations and Research

Competitive Analysis

Rapid Prototyping

Overseas Manufacturing


Originally Orbit Baby's first intern, I later joined the company full-time as a product designer with a focus on soft goods development and graphic design. I helped bring their first generation of products to market, and had a role in the development of two patented innovations. 

Process: Designing the Cargo Pod


A fun video to promote the usefulness of the Cargo Pod (made by the product development team):