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In 2007, there has been an increase in awareness, and Orbit Baby led the industry with the introduction of the Green Edition Bassinet Cradle. 

Green Edition Bassinet Cradle

In 2007, sustainable design was just beginning to emerge in the baby industry, but primarily in clothing and bedding products. With the introduction of the limited edition Green Edition Bassinet Cradle, Orbit Baby became the first baby gear company to introduce sustainable materials to their products and eco-friendly practices to their business. To this date, Orbit Baby continues to be recognized as a leader in sustainability efforts in the industry, particularly in the areas of chemical safety.

I oversaw the development of the Green Edition Bassinet Cradle, from concept design, to material research/sourcing, prototyping, overseas manufacturing, collateral development, and creative content generation.



Final Design

The Green Edition Bassinet Cradle featured an organic cotton interior fabric, and a natural wool exterior upholstery. The interior fabric was certified to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, an international certification that sets limits on over 200 potentially harmful substances and chemicals.

The material research efforts from this product firmly established the future fabric direction for the company. By making children's chemical safety a priority in the company's OrbitGreen program, Orbit Baby made the commitment to use fabrics that meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification across the entire product line for all subsequent products.






OrbitGreen Program

The Green Edition Bassinet Cradle was a limited edition product, but established Orbit Baby as a leader in eco-friendly efforts in their products and as a business. In the years that followed, the OrbitGreen program continued to evolve and expand to meet regulatory demands and changing consumer needs, to ensure that the company can maintain their leadership position in this area.