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At Local Motion, we believe the experience of using a shared car should be as easy as using your own. Unlike other fleet management solutions, our technology focuses on the user first and foremost.

Old lomo

Old lomo

Both new and established companies need to redefine their brand guidelines for cross-platform and cross-channel experiences. 

There’s an opportunity to reinforce brand consistency through personalized, segment-specific, and tailored experiences. 

Created  icon system to explain the concept of car sharing to employees.

Product Imagery

Iconography and illustrations:


Sales Materials

With a brand new sales team, developed content to drive conversations: white paper, demo presentations, webinars

Promotional Postcards

White Paper

Product market fit with government agencies with goals to reduce vehicle emissions and increase use of resources. We worked with cities that was leading our country's in sustainability efforts, including the City of San Francisco, the City of Orlando, and the City of Sacramento. Our team conceived of a XX page white paper as a valuable tool to open up discussions with other agencies regarding car sharing and sustainbility.

- comparison charts

- downloadable tools

- charts

Sales Demo Presentation

Revamped sales demo rich in imagery to highlight the user experience of the drivers, in addition to the benefits for the organization.


Social Media Campaigns

Email Campaigns



Relaunched blog as a landing spot for our content and collaborated with product and customer teams to develop content and push out content. Areas of focus: 1,2,3,4

Employee stories: Connecting our customers and users to both outward and internal team members.

"The office is a blast of challenging work and hilarious play every day."

- Tara Manning, Head of Customer Success

"I’m a strong believer in gamification, using game elements to influence users in real life."

- Yohan Launay, Back-end Engineer

"I got hooked on living in this place that’s constantly creating the future."

- Mark “Max” Maxham, Software Engineer

"When I design, I always start with a piece of paper – not my computer – even if it’s a technical problem. My thinking happens on paper as stream-of-consciousness, and it puts me in the zone."

- Brian Ng, Head of Product