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Product Launch: Color Pack

With a targeted spring launch date - the marketing team used this as an opportunity to introduce bright, vibrant colors to enliven the sophisticated Orbit Baby palette.

Worked with designer and photographer to create a portfolio of creative assets for marketing use, including photography, graphic design, copywriting.


Orbit Baby Color Packs Market Launch

Right from the start, Orbit Baby have established themselves as a sleek, modern brand in the premium baby gear market. Inspired by luxury automobile interiors, their products' color palette is sophisticated and tends to take on a more neutral tone. We saw an opportunity to give new life to the brand by bringing in colorful pops of color to the Stroller G2, and launched a new marketing campaign with the introduction of the Color Packs in Spring 2011.


color pack.jpg

Printed Collateral

Posters, Features Card, Promotional Flier, Postcard, Hangtags:


E-commerce Site Homepage:


Homepage and Product Page:



Images from Orbit Baby (#orbitbaby) fans and @ohjoy on Instagram 

Images from Orbit Baby (#orbitbaby) fans and @ohjoy on Instagram